What We Do

Business risks can become compounded when operating in developing or complex environments with long lines of communication due to isolation, ineffective or impaired infrastructure, violent threat actors or hostile stakeholders.

Horizon SRM’s risk management services identify and treat risks to enable successful business outcomes. We provide innovative, flexible and in most occasions cost-effective solutions to fulfil our client’s duty-of-care obligations and ensure a secure working environment for their personnel, the community and environment within which they operate and their assets and business processes that require operating continuity.

Our dedicated team of professionals provide a comprehensive range of risk services and solutions in enterprise resilience, geopolitical analysis, asset risk assessments and physical security surveys, community development and Corporate Social Responsibility programs, and Crisis and Emergency Management planning.

We help organisations to identify, understand and manage the risks to their business. We build business resilience by designing bespoke controls and programs that mitigate and manage those risks. And should unwanted events occur, we are there to support our partners to implement response plans that reduce risk that can impact the organisation to ALARP (as low as reasonably practicable).

Horizon SRM is experienced in the planning and delivery of appropriately designed enterprise risk and security management solutions across a broad range of industry sectors including:

  • Multi-national upstream Oil and Gas (on shore and off shore),
  • Mineral resources extraction and processing,
  • Multinational health care and hospital facilities,
  • International schools and expatriate residential communities,
  • Logistics and supply chain hubs and asset clusters,
  • Travel and executive protection programs, and
  • Major event security planning and programs.