Stakeholder Analysis and Mapping

Stakeholder Analysis is the process of systematically gathering and analysing qualitative information to determine whose interests should be given priority, weighting or caution in consideration when developing and/or implementing a business outcome.  It is the first step in managing a business’ stakeholders and an important process that successful businesses use to build sustainable positive relationships with associates and involved parties.  Properly identifying those stakeholders who have high power/high interest compared to Low Power/ Low interest – and everyone in between – is a critical business risk mitigation action.

Understanding the needs and expectations of your stakeholders, and determining who are the relative influencers, interested observers, mandatory regulatory bodies, is a formative action that requires regular review.

Horizon SRM will deliver a stakeholder analysis with relevant recommendations for appropriate levels of engagement and response planning.

Horizon SRM stakeholder analysis will:

  1. Identify all relevant stakeholders
  2. Document those stakeholders’ needs and expectations (the two are often not the same)
  3. Assess & analyse stakeholders interest/influence
  4. Provide recommendations for managing stakeholders’ expectations
  5. Monitor actions taken
  6. Reviewing status & repeat