Risk Assessments

Horizon SRM provides comprehensive brownfields and greenfields risk assessments for organisations seeking to maximize their understanding of the environments in which they are currently or will soon be working. No new venture should be engaged upon without a robust risk assessment.

Horizon SRM assessments and analyses are based on the principles and standards incorporated in AS/NZS ISO 31000:2018 – Risk Management: Principles and Guidelines and HB 167-2006 Security Risk Management.  Each assessment is prefaced with an executive summary that will provide context and analysis of the strategic operating environment.

Our security risk assessment process will consist alignment meetings with client asset owner, a pre-deployment desktop appraisal by Horizon SRM’s intelligence analyst, in-country site reviews and information gathering from client operations and management teams.

The detailed Security Risk Assessment will involve critical asset identification and categorization, risk and vulnerability analysis determined from threat actor analysis and consequence analysis.  Horizon SRM analysts will explore the relationship between the assets, the threats actors and the business impact to produce a completely tailored analysis that presents the client with a detailed Risk Register, a prioritized risk remediation Action Plan, and recommendations to provide a sustainable risk management process.