Logistics and Supply Chain Security Surveys and Reviews

Security has been a challenge for businesses since supply chains began. Theft, fraud, smuggling, sabotage, hijacking and piracy have a constant impediment to local and international supply chains since empires were formed and expanded their frontiers to explore opportunities in far off lands.

Today’s international networks of raw material sourcing, production output, storage,  and intermodal transport continues to face these challenges – but the complexity has increased proportionate to traffic volumes, global product sourcing, quality assurance, procurement and contracting protocols, and technological advances as well as associated vulnerabilities.  The more complex a supply chain is, the more chance a vulnerability will be exploited by adversaries – internal or external. More complex chains and more actors increase the risk. Criminal threat actors can exploit Security weaknesses and vulnerabilities at all levels and stages of the supply chain.

Terrorism and cybercrime is now a critical vulnerability to supply chain and travel networks – Criminals competencies are improving, especially when it comes to using cyber theft and misappropriation.

Horizon SRM can provide security reviews specific to your Enterprise Supply Chain, logistics lines of communications, warehousing and laydown facilities, procurement and contracting processes and transportation chains to identify vulnerabilities that currently or may exist within the enterprise and recommend controls and mitigation strategies to manage, eliminate or transfer the risk.