Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

Managing risk is an important executive responsibility. Reputations that take decades to establish and grow can be ruined in days through integrity scandals, human rights violations or environmental accidents and will draw unwanted attention from regulators, courts, governments and media. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs build cooperation, trust, responsibility, respect and shared development objectives between a company and the surrounding community which can reduce and mitigate such risks.

Horizon SRM can design a CSR strategy and program into your business operational excellence model to assure your reputational integrity.  CSR will align with and be integrated into your business philosophy, integrity and compliance assuredness with regulatory requirements, and engage in actions that advance societal development and prosperity of the communities within which your enterprise operates.

Implementing a successful and well-rounded CSR strategy will encourage the company to make a positive impact on all your stakeholders including employees, partners and contractors, investors, communities, the supply chain and the environment.