Asset Protection

Each facility and operating environment needs to be evaluated separately to fully understand and quantify its unique risks. Horizon SRM advisors will conduct facility and asset physical security and protection assessments for clients to better mitigate real and potential threats to their facilities, sites and asset clusters, including logistical supply chain.  Horizon SRM will assist clients to design or enhance asset infrastructure in an holistic manner to complement the overall security system incorporating layers of physical, electronic and procedural security controls.  These measures will enhance an organisation’s ability to better detect, deter, deny and respond to potential or actual security incidents.

Depending on your organisation’s needs, Horizon SRM can provide project advisory services or longer term embedded support. Our advisors can assist with:

  • Security Risk Assessments;
  • Developing and implementing Enterprise Security Management and Resilience Systems;
  • Establishing Policies, Plans, Programs and day-to-day operating procedures to support the Enterprise Security Plan;
  • Reviewing existing private security arrangements and providing capability enhancement recommendations;
  • Developing crisis management and business continuity plans;
  • Community and stakeholder analysis and mapping;
  • Conducting Site Specific surveys and security vulnerability gap analysis;
  • Development of strategic, regional and local information reporting and analysis capability;
  • Facilitating table-top drills and exercises;
  • Delivering security management training; and
  • Developing Security Awareness and Vigilance programs.